The Unforgettable Afghan Dumplings at The Kabob Guys

If you’ve ever visited Kabob Guys, there’s one dish you can’t miss – the Mantu. These delicately steamed dumplings, filled with aromatic spiced meat, are a staple in Afghan cuisine and a customer favorite at our restaurant. Origin of Mantu Mantu has deep roots in Afghan cuisine and is believed to have been influenced by […]

Beef Mix Platter

The Beef Mix Platter at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill is an exquisite offering specially crafted for all the beef enthusiasts out there. It’s a celebration of flavours and textures, meticulously curated to delight your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. This delectable platter boasts an array of mouthwatering delights that will take you on […]

Chicken and Shish

The Chicken and Shish dish at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill is a delicious mix of flavours and textures, made to please your taste buds. The platter includes 1 Chicken Skewer and 2 Shish Skewers. They are seasoned and marinated with traditional Afghan spices and herbs for an authentic and delicious taste. The Chicken Skewer […]

Chicken and Beef Tikka

Indulge in the delicious flavours of the Chicken and Beef Tikka platter at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill. This delightful offering includes 1 Skewer of Chicken and 1 Skewer of Beef Tikka, each expertly seasoned and marinated with traditional Afghan spices and herbs. The grilling process ensures that both meats are cooked to perfection, delivering […]

Double Chicken

Indulge in the mouthwatering Double Chicken platter at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill. This special plate features a delightful combination of flavours, starting with 1 Classic Chicken skewer and 1 Tandoori Skewer. Both skewers are carefully marinated with traditional Afghan spices, infusing them with a rich and authentic taste. Grilled to perfection, these succulent chicken […]

The Decisions Tandoori Waziri

Savor the bold and flavourful Tandoori Waziri platter at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill. This dish brings together the best of both worlds with 7 pieces of flavourful Spicy Chicken Breast and 1 skewer of ground beef. The meat is carefully seasoned and marinated using traditional Afghan spices and herbs. Grilled to perfection, the meats […]

Chicken and Shish: Unveiling the #3 Most Liked Dish at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill

Calling all food enthusiasts and connoisseurs of Afghan cuisine! Get ready to be amazed by The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill’s #3 Most Liked dish, the legendary “Chicken and Shish” Special Plate. This culinary masterpiece has been adored by an overwhelming 93% of its patrons. It’s time to try the delicious combination of 1 Tandoori Chicken […]

Waziri: The Ultimate Gastronomic Adventure – 100% Approval Guaranteed

Prepare your taste buds for an unparalleled culinary adventure as we unveil the legendary “Waziri” platter at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill. With an astounding 100% approval rating, this exquisite dish has captured the hearts of food lovers far and wide. Get ready for a delicious meal that includes 7 juicy pieces of chicken Breast […]

Sultani: A Majestic Feast That Reigns Supreme Among Food Lovers!

If you’re on the hunt for a truly regal dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more, look no further than the illustrious “Sultani” platter at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill. This culinary masterpiece has earned its crown as the “Most Liked” dish, and for all the right reasons! […]

Shish Kofta Kabob: A Culinary Marvel with a 99.9% Approval Rating!

Step into a world of extraordinary flavours and unparalleled satisfaction with the remarkable “Shish Kofta Kabob” at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill. Garnering a staggering 99.9% approval rating, this culinary marvel has earned its well-deserved reputation as a crowd-favorite. Brace yourself for a delectable experience featuring two skewers of seasoned ground beef, marinated with authentic […]

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