The Decisions Tandoori Waziri

Savor the bold and flavourful Tandoori Waziri platter at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill. This dish brings together the best of both worlds with 7 pieces of flavourful Spicy Chicken Breast and 1 skewer of ground beef. The meat is carefully seasoned and marinated using traditional Afghan spices and herbs. Grilled to perfection, the meats showcase the authentic taste of Afghanistan, delivering a delightful fusion of bold flavours.

Accompanying the delectable meats is a generous serving of Golden Brown Basmati Rice, expertly cooked to fluffy perfection. The rice provides a delightful canvas for the rich and aromatic flavours of the chicken and beef.

To add a refreshing and healthy touch to the meal, the Tandoori Waziri platter includes a Mix-Green Salad. This vibrant salad bursts with crisp and colourful greens, offering a perfect balance to the spicy and savoury meats.

Afghan Naan is an essential part of any Afghan meal. This platter includes freshly baked naan, which is soft and inviting. It is perfect for enjoying the delicious combination of chicken and beef.

The platter includes a variety of sauces designed to enhance the flavours of the Spicy Chicken Breast and seasoned ground beef. These sauces add an extra layer of indulgence and excitement, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the Tandoori Waziri platter.

If you’re seeking a bold and memorable dining experience, the Tandoori Waziri at The Kabob Guys Afghan Grill is a must-try. This platter is a delicious mix of spicy chicken, seasoned beef, fluffy rice, refreshing salad, and tasty naan. It will give you a true taste of Afghanistan. Head over to the restaurant and treat yourself to this tantalizing culinary adventure today!

147 Spadina Ave

4045 Sheppard Ave E